Blog Two—The Passionate Trial Ballon

There are a lot of topics that I could chose to write about, but when given the option to pick what I want to write it really is no contest. Sports make the world go round, ok, they make my world go round.

Below are four sports related thoughts that I think are worth getting out there. Two are items that are dominating the ESPN bottom line as we speak, one is something that doesn’t get enough credit, and the final thought is a unique one that until this point has been wrapped up in my own head.

Round 1: Good For The Denver Broncos

So far, in the ten hours I’ve been awake, I’ve heard the phrase “Good for Tim Tebow” a lot. Agreed, yesterday’s 80 yard touchdown pass from Tebow to Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was beautiful, and yes it silenced a lot of the haters (at least for a day or two), but let’s not forget that it is the Denver Broncos not Tim Tebow who won the football game.

I’m a Tebow fan so this comment isn’t born out of a lack of respect for him. No, rather I think that Tim would be the first person to tell you it was a team effort. No man single handedly defeats any NFL defense, especially the number one rated defense in the league, like Tebow did on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Credit should be assigned where it is due, and the NFL is undoubtably a quarterback driven league, which means that Tebow’s 316 passing yards and two touchdowns deserve a lot of the hype they are getting, but the next order of business should be to point out the players Tebow was throwing to. Thomas had 247 yards recieving, and tight end Daniel Fells also had a monster day averaging 28.5 yards per catch and 57 yards overall. Wide receiver Eddie Royal had more than 16 yards a catch as well.

The bottom line is this: Tim Tebow is great. I’m excited to drink the Kool-Aid just like everyone else, but when you go 10-for-21 and end the game averaging 31.6 yards per completion you owe the guys running the routes a big thank you. If they aren’t hustling down the field, and running excellent routes on the bombs Tebow let lose Sunday the game probably would have had a very different outcome.

Round 2:  Hall of Fame

The results of Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame voting were announced today. It is not who was elected, but who wasn’t that stood out.

Long time Houston Astro first baseman Jeff Bagwell fell short once again during his second year of eligibility. That in itself is not a shock. It takes most players several years to get elected. What shocked and saddened me was that after looking at Bagwell’s numbers I wasn’t sure if he had been kept out, because of his statistics, or because he played during the steroid era.

I’m a baseball nut. In a life consumed by sports baseball is king. I should know off the top of my head whether Bagwell had been implicated with steroids or not. Several times I saw the man play in person, but yet the use of steroids in the late 1990s and early 2000s has muddied the waters so much that even a baseball enthusiast like me can’t remember who has been tied to performance enhancing drugs and who hasn’t.

I actually had to tweet a friend to ask if Bagwell was clean or not. How sad is that? I was reminded that Bagwell’s name has only been attached to steroids, because of when he played.

He most likely will get the well-deserved nod next year but I think it is more clear now than ever the MLB and the Baseball Writers Association need to make a decision about how they will deal with steroid era players on the Hall of Fame ballot. It isn’t fair that clean players be tied to drugs they never touched.

Round 3: High School Basketball

I love my high school. I’ve been graduated for nearly 18 months now, but I still have a lot of school spirit. If you are from St. Louis you understand why. If you’re not I’d be more than happy to explain sometime but we’ll need a separate post.

Tonight was the biggest rivalry game of the year for my Christian High School Eagles. They took on the Winfield Warriors at CHS. The Pep Club (our student section) was rocking. I can’t wait to read my good friend, fellow journalist, and current CHS senior Josh Matjeka’s coverage of the event on a blog, called CHS Hoops, which I created while I was at Christian High, and that he has continued.

There is nothing like a gym packed full of people who really don’t get along yelling at the top of their lungs. You want to talk about energy? There is no equal. During high school, games were a highlight of my winter, and I still enjoy going back now and then to take part in the fun.

Round 4: A Reason To Still Believe In People

I’ve been really feeling blessed to be at Lindenwood. I’m new, so the task of adjusting should be at least a little daunting, but it hasn’t been so far. Everyone has been really nice and I’m having a blast. Those sentiments were cemented Sunday at the Lindenwood Ice Arena in Wentzville, Mo.

My first LU print assignment was to cover a charity game between the LU men’s hockey team and the St. Louis Blues Alumni. I got the chance to see the beautiful facility that LU hockey has all to itself, and rub shoulders with some hockey players I grew up idolizing.

After the game I camped out in the hallway between the rink and the locker rooms. As the Blues Alumi were coming off the ice I got the chance to grab current Blues color television analyst, and former Chicago Blackhawks goalie Darren Pang. He was willing to take a few minutes to talk with me despite being obviously winded. He not only was willing to talk, but he did so with a smile.

This past August I interviewed Super Bowl champion Mike Jones. His behavior was similar.

The fact that people like Darren Pang, and Mike Jones who have both reached the pinnacle of their professions are willing to make themselves available means the world to me. It sustains my faith in people.


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  1. I’m glad the St. Louis sporting community has been kind to you!

  2. Love this post!! My HS student section was the same way. We even had theme nights where we would dress up to mock the other team or just silly stuff like a toga night. Great job.

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