What I Learned: Week Two

An alternate title considered for this blog was: “What Didn’t I Learn: Week Two.” Three days of class have felt like far more than the nine hours spent working so far. This week, unlike last week, we worked on material I was not familiar with at all meaning there was no shortage of learning. Lots of information was introduced quickly, but I am now more prepared for the professional world compared then I was before the start of class Monday.

LinkedIn was the first topic we learned about this week. The presence of a LinkedIn profile in my life was well overdue. I now have a profile, although it doesn’t yet look quite as I would like, that is representing me on a very important chunk of internet real estate. This week our study of LinkedIn has definitely shown me what I need to do in order to network properly.

LinkedIn can do wonders for your career. There are a lot of success stories out there. While I still have some improvements I would like to make it is good to know that I’m becoming relevant in the real world. My classmates and myself already have been pointed in the right direction. Most websites and articles encourage LinkedIn users to make their profiles stronger by enacting the changes we discussed in class.

Also, what most people fail to think of is that LinkedIn can help job seekers research employers the same way employers use it to checkout individuals. The benefits to LinkedIn are virtually endless.

The work we did with Word Press this week also had a lot of benefit. I feel like my page now has a much greater visual effect. If you visited last week you no doubt understand what I mean. Next week we are scheduled to learn more so I will save most of my thoughts on Word Press for then.

Today, the main tool we dealt with was Prezi. Just like LinkedIn, learning how to use this internet based power point on steroids has been on my to do list for quite some time. Prezi is really neat for several reasons.

Number one, it makes sharing presentations fairly seamless. If a user so desires they can put a Prezi on a CD or flash drive, but it is always saved on the internet. Being able to access presentations, which automatically save, off the web does away with the worries other softwares provide. Once created, Prezi is available everywhere.

Prezi also just looks cool, plain and simple. There really is no other way to say it. People who are skilled with Microsoft Power Point and Apple Keynote are able to make their presentations look almost as good as a Prezi, but for the average person Prezi enables them to create far more professional looking presentations. Zooming and sliding in and out are standard with Prezi, and add a level of excitement other presentation softwares just don’t match.

The last thing about Prezi that makes it worth investigating is the millions of Prezis on display for public viewing. If you don’t have any ideas, or need a jumping off point, it’s likely a Prezi is on display in a public gallery that has the inspiration you need.


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  1. Couldn’t have been done any better unless it was done by the voice of LU. Oh wait I forgot thats who you were. Great job!

  2. We really did learn a lot this week didn’t we? This class goes by so quickly for me, I wish we had more time! I also think our teachers this semester will like it if we use Prezi!

  3. I totally agree with you about Prezi. Plain and simple, it just looks cool lol. In addition I also felt like we learned TONS this week. I love it.

  4. I agree with your Prezi points. Once again, you nailed it.

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