Time to Move on From Pujols

If someone stands you up at the prom it is okay to be a little frustrated, but if you get upset at said person for not appearing at the your party you’re throwing a few weeks later, that is all on on you.

St. Louis Cardinal fans are some of the most passionate out there. They talk baseball year round, because it is not merely a game, but a way of life. There is something really unique and special about that, and only a select few other fan bases behave similarly. I don’t think anyone should ever try to squelch baseball conversation, but I do think it is time that Cardinal fans stop talking about Albert Pujols.

Cardinal fans felt stood up by Pujols when he signed with the Angels earlier this winter, and they are upset. It was understandable to have some emotion which, for several weeks, caused a need for reflection and discussion. It was healthy. It was normal. I don’t have a problem with that, but at some point the city of St. Louis, and all of Cardinal Nation will need to move on.

Every time that the Pujols chatter starts to calm down, something happens and all Cardinal-related baseball discussion again includes Pujols in some way. Today has been the perfect example.

The Cardinals visited the White House yesterday, as is the tradition for championship winning teams, but Pujols did not join his former teammates. For many people that seems to be a problem. The favorite question on sports talk radio today has been: Shouldn’t Pujols support his teammates? 

That seems like an odd inquiry since Pujols is no longer teammates with any member of the St. Louis Cardinals, I’ll take a break here so Cardinal fans can catch their breath.

Ready now? Okay. I know it is hard for the Cardinal faithful to hear, but it is the truth. Albert Pujols no longer draws a paycheck from the Cardinals.

It is understandable to think that he should want to be a part of celebrating a championship season he played a role in, but it needs to be remembered that the White House trip isn’t mandatory. Do you really think David Freese, Chris Carpenter, or any of the other Cardinals enjoyed themselves any less, because Albert Pujols wasn’t there? Was being with the President of the United States inside the most famous home in America less sweet, because Albert wasn’t there? No way.

There is a lot of baseball to be played this summer in St. Louis as the Cardinals try to defend their eleventh World Championship. None of the Cardinal players seem to still be dealing with the separation anxiety of Albert leaving. In fact, most of them appear eager to get to spring training, and begin taking part in baseball activities again. It is time for Cardinal fans to acquire a matching mind set.

What happened in Dallas during the winter meetings will always have a place in Cardinal and baseball history, and a day will come, after he retires, to decide Albert’s place in Cardinal history, but today is not that day.

It hurt when he stood you up in December. Why would you want him at your party in January? Let’s just be honest, it would have been awkward for everyone.


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  1. AMEN! Ha. Let Pujols go! We are fine without him. (:

  2. I agree! The Pujols is only distracting from the great run the Cardinals accomplished last year. STL is treating it like a bad breakup and stalking his every move and obsessing about his new girlfriend (or team, in this case).

  3. hahaha totally agree with this post of yours! i can’t wait to see how successful you are gonna be on this blog, brett! seriously love reading it! yay baseball! 🙂

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