Week Three Journal—Domains, SEO, and Niches

These were three weeks that really have changed the way I think about social media, networking, and most importantly: personal branding. I had an idea of what I would learn in this class before I started, but what I’m taking away at the end is so far beyond anything I could have imagined.

Search Engine Optimization:

This week specifically, was jammed packed with lots of good stuff. Hearing from Derek Mabie on Monday was really eye opening. Before starting this class I had never heard of SEO, which is pretty incredible to think about now that I understand what it is.

Driving traffic to your blog is important. Now that I understand how Google indexes information the whole process feels less like magic, and more like something I can actually take part in. It is nice to have the mystique peeled away from the whole process.

Lots of people feel like they can’t really be successful on the internet, because they don’t know how it works. It really isn’t that complicated, just programs with thousands of lines of code, each one written by programmers with years of experience and education. Okay, so maybe the nuts and bolts of it are a little complicated, but the good news I learned this week is that you don’t have to understand the fine details to see the big picture.

Google’s process for finding and compiling information is rather basic when you look at it on a conceptual level. Once you do that it is much less intimidating, and much easier to take advantage of the benefits.

Are You Master of Your Domain?

The funny thing about the internet is that it is not that unlike the 1800s land rushes of the American frontier:

Okay, on second thought, maybe not quite as costly as what is going on in the proceeding video, but the results are certainly as binding. The past few years is the first time ever that people are discovering their ability to own internet real estate, or domains.

The domain you end up with is not the end all be all, but it can make your brand easier to identify for others.

This week showed me how important owning a domain is and that it is not that hard to manage your own website. I used to think having my own spot online would be cool, but that managing a website was only for super geniuses. I was wrong. Anyone can have an online presence, and it is fairly cheep to do.

While I haven’t yet made the jump myself it is something that is on the horizon.

Son of a Niche:

Niche and niche blogs have been a topic of conversation for most of PBandJterm. I really appreciated hearing from two successful niche bloggers: Jessica Leitch and Maddie Marshall of City in a Jar. Their blog is very well done and proves that anyone with creativity and a work ethic can be a player in the online world. I can’t wait to witness City in a Jar go from side project to revenue stream.

It was encouraging to see that someone who took this class a year ago is now using what they learned to make a difference in their life. I hope to do the same.


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