Why Blog?

The San Jose Mercury News launched the first blog hosted by a newspaper in 1999. Twelve years may seem like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t.

In the thirteen years since the Mercury News got its blog going lots of other groups, and individuals have jumped on the blogging band wagon. In fact, It really isn’t a band wagon any more. It is a full fledged movement.

Blogging is a powerful tool, which gets people not only talking, but thinking. The proof lies below. Most of the ideas in the preceding posts were born out of discussion, except the baseball musings though. Those are original.

Online personal real estate is useful, because it presents normal people to publish their own content. Not only can they publish, but they can do it for free, as much as they want, whenever they want.

Information can be streamlined through blogging. Journalist, and their readers both benefit from blogs, because reporters are able to publish quicker then they were under traditional formats.

Blogging also has allowed for stories that are not “newsworthy” to find their way online. Some things journalist see might not be accepted for the front page , but they very well may be interesting to fans of that journalist.

No one has the power to control content anymore. The New York Times may still be the most prestigious, and well known media outlet in the world, but Mashable.com now gets its fair share of viewers as well.

Whether people blog to show initiative, impress potential employers, or to satisfy their job requirements blogging is useful for promoting personal brands.


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