How the Internet is Changing Media

Did We Witness History This Week?

Amazon and Viacom made a big splash this week when it was leaked that they have agreed in principle to a deal that will make them one of the biggest competitors to online video provider Netflix.

This deal which is intended to help Amazon bolster its Kindle Fire, and Amazon Prime content offerings is, yet another sign that Americans are perfectly happy to use the internet for the majority of their entertainment, and information needs.

It might only be a matter of time before kids are asking, “What are DVD’s?”

Television and video as we know them may soon be a thing of the past. Photo credit: Library of Virginia

Logging on Instead of Tuning In

The way information is being shared on the internet is changing. Media, and the jobs that accompany it, are undergoing a paradigm shift. Everything is moving online. This week’s activity by Amazon, and Viacom show that the industry is taking gigantic steps toward becoming internet dominated. In all honesty, it could be considered internet dominated already.

As much as the world’s older generations might like a hardcopy of the Sunday post, and renting a DVD from a video store those days numbered. Before long you might not pick up your remote to flip on NBC Nightly News. You may be left clicking instead.

If you followed the link in the previous paragraph you know that NBC actually has already made the jump. How long until the only place to get the news is the internet remains to be seen. TV, and the world-wide web remain partners for the time being. I for one am not so sure they can coexist in their present forms for much longer.

“Many of our viewers tell me they often miss the broadcast because they’re not home in time or tending to their busy lives, and families,” Brian Williams, Nightly News anchor told, “This new service reflects the fact that the pace of our lives has changed.  For all the loyal viewers who have made us the most-watched newscast in America, there are others who want to watch, but can’t.  Now they’ll be able to join us every night, when it’s convenient for them.”

If You Don’t Hear Anything Else, Hear This

Here is the take away: we used to have to look to multiple sources in order to get them information we wanted on one subject. That is no longer the case. Journalists no longer hold all the cards. In fact, in some instances the consumer has just as much access to the content they want as the producer. For journalism, and communication students the lesson is that you have to learn to use all the resources available to you. Failing to understand the way information travels will either get you scooped, prove you wrong, or you will see the consumer get what they want quicker from somewhere else.

The internet is now the key to information sharing. A long time ago journalists were the gate keepers. Now the internet is the gatekeeper. Don’t like it? Too bad. It appears it won’t be changing anytime soon, if ever.

The Bright Side

The game has been changing for a while, and now that Viacom and Amazon have proved big money has bought in to the internet frontier it appears there is no going back. The good news is that if you want a piece of the action it is easier to get than ever before. It still isn’t easy to get, but it is easier to become a player in the world of media than it was even five years ago. If you start playing the game now who knows where you could be in a decade.

Today’s Developments Are Amazing, Don’t Complain.

Learn to enjoy the changes going on in the world of technology, because they are happening no matter if you like it or not.


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  1. Nice Louis C.K selection, always a great observer of modern society

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