Seattle 911—A Great Beat Blog

Seattle 911 is considered a beat blog, because it focuses on a very specific niche. Inthis case that niche is crime in the city of Seattle, Washington.

Photo Courtesy of the Seattle Photography Collection via

-This blog has created community around the content it posts. People share the stories that go up on the blog via Twitter and Facebook. There is also commenting that occurs on each story using Facebook.

– Something this blog does well that student journalists and media creators can take away from viewing it is that they tie social media into every post. The option to share content is embedded in every post. They make it easy for people to spread their posts.

– Seattle 911 does a good job of localizing content. Their posts include maps to showSeattle residents where crimes occurs.

– Another thing the blog does well is that it streamlines information. It is not an extremely flashy looking blog but it makes content easy to digest. Something the blog needs to do differently is that it should not allow any of its advertisements to expand to a full screen view when people first get to the site.

– This blog is changing the game by putting slide share style photo albums in their posts.

– They use lots of visuals in their post as well as text which makes posts easier to read.

-This blog has security camera video from crimes. This is interesting to watch.


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  1. If I ever visit Seattle, I will look at this site so I know the areas to avoid.

  2. The interactive map with the whereabouts of certain crimes was something real original that I liked.

  3. This blog really show how many differents subjects a blog can be about. Crime is a huge issue in our world and it’s great that people can crontribute to things that main streem news doesn’t catch. The maps are good too. It lets the people know where the most occurring crimes happen.

  4. Great choice this blog is interective and has a lot of interesting pictures. Show a few examples in your blog so the readers want to visit the website to see more.

  5. Nice site. It’s definitely interesting to see how journalism is going in a different part of the country.

  6. Very informative presentation. I wonder if there’s a site like that for the St. Charles area. I’m with you on annoying ads, that’s something journalism students should remember when they’re thinking of using ads on their pages.

  7. Crime is definitely a topic citizens want to know about. I like the Google Map images. So many times I read a news story I don’t understand the directions the reporters give as far as the location. Having a map that pin points the exact location of a crime scene or accident really draws readers into the story. I also agree that full page ads are annoying.

  8. The localized content seems like it would really connect with the public. The layout and the setup makes getting information simple. It’s perfect for the community.
    Great job Brett

  9. I really like this website because it’s really informative and up-to-date for readers and other journalists that are looking for more coverage.

  10. This blog is a great example of a beat blog because its focus is narrow in only covering the crime of Seattle. I’ve seen too many beat blogs already where they are too general and cover way too many topics. This is a great way to draw a specific set of readers and really form a dedicated community. Great pic!

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