Braun Saga Draws Scrutiny

At this point no one is sure if Ryan Braun is guilty of using performance enhancing drugs or not. For the sake of baseball I hope the details come out sooner than later.

If he is innocent, which should be assumed until it is proven otherwise, Braun should be treated as if he is clean. However, if I were him I would go to any lengths necessary to prove he is clean. Most people aren’t as forgiving as me.

One thing is for sure Major League Baseball has the egg on its face right now. How does a multi-billion dollar industry have a part time worker handling the drug test samples of one of its M.V.P.’s?

It seems the actual testing is working. The procedure for collecting those samples is seriously flawed. It is time for MLB to start adding a few extra dollars to its payroll in order to ensure one of the league’s most delicate processes is executed properly every time it is performed.


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