Review: @Koci — “Attack of the Interns, Students and One Day to Document the World!”

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-The title of this post caught my eye. As a young person, I saw the word intern and quickly identified that.

-Often interns and students are not expected to do serious reporting. The fact that their work is the inspiration for this article is really unique.

-This is an inspiring piece because it shows that everyone can make a difference. Youth does not have to be a disadvantage.

-There are a lot of new ideas and approaches being presented in the projects represented in this post. Seeing people come up with a new approach is inspiring because it makes you believe that you are capable of doing the same thing.

-The content on the videos embedded in this post and the sites the post links to is moving. There really are no sufficient words when thinking about humanity as a whole and the role journalists get to play in shaping and documenting it.

-Students need to care about this piece because this piece is about them. Young people need to understand that in today’s world the resources to produce great looking work are available to everyone. The days where you had to work at a network television station to access good technology are over. It is time for students to take advantage of the time period they live in.

-This post teaches that there is always something to be covered. In a world that is home to more than six billion people there is always some kind of story accessible to you. You may have need to gain an understand of where to look for it, but there is always a story around.

-This post teaches a lot about becoming a content creator. One of the biggest points it illustrates is that people need to be ready to report at all times. Stories are constantly unfolding around us so we always need to be ready to document them.

-There is no such thing as to big of a story. What a single person can cover is only limited by his or her ambitions. While the way in which a story is covered may have to be adjusted depending on the people and resources available no story should ever go uncovered because a perception exist that it is to big for a small group or individual to handle.


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