Microblogging Lindenwood Softball

The McKendree Bearcats beat the Lindenwood Lions 3-2 Wednesday night at the Lou Brock Sports Complex in St. Charles, Mo.

I had the chance to live tweet Lindenwood softball Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun even though LU lost to McKendree University 3-2.

I love being around sports. This was the second LU sporting even that I had live tweeted this week.

I had a seat in the press box which was nice. It gave me some room to spread out my scorecard and allowed me a place to put my iphone when I wasn’t typing. If I had been in the stands I would have had to hold it the entire game or keep taking it out of my pocket. Having easy access was nice.

Thank You iphone

Recently, I upgraded from a traditional cell phone to an iphone. It is the first smartphone I have ever owned and the reason I have come to appreciate it so much is that it makes covering events like the softball game Wednesday so much easier. A Twitter app makes live tweeting a breeze. The application recognizes when you want to use a specific hashtag as you are typing it. This makes firing off rapid tweets in succession much easier.

Including pictures with my tweets was not only possible with iphone, but it was easy. The phone I used to have would not have been capable of taking a photo and uploading it to Twitter.

The Vantage Point

The press box is situated directly behind home plate. Being next to the Lindenwood sports information staff was a luxury because they had all the information I could possible have needed about the game. The umpires also communicated directly with them about what was happening on the field.

Two home runs were hit during the game. The angle I got to watch from really helped me appreciate how quickly the ball was coming off the bat. Watching the pitchers work from behind the plate also gave me a true look at how the ball was moving as it approached home.


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