Tim Forneris Questions

1. How did you end up with a new mini van after catching No. 62?

2. Did people ripping you publicly bother you or your family?

3. Has that night become less special since McGwire’s steroid use has been confirmed?

4. What was the Late Show with David Letterman like?

5. At what point did you become aware giving the ball away you could be responsible for a gift tax (40% of sale price)?

6. What was it like having Don Marr give you a lifetime Hall of Fame pass?

7. What was the media’s reaction when you excused yourself from the post-game press conference to go tend to the field?

8. Did you ever consider keeping the ball for your personal collection?

9. What kind of relationship do you maintain with McGwire today?

10. What do you think of today when you hear “Welcome to the Jungle?”


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