Drummond showcases multiple skills

KTVI sports reporter Maurice Drummond’s job description sounds like he is protecting the president. He wears a suit and IFB everyday, and for 15 years he was prepared to take a bullet for the man on television.

KTVI's Maurice Drummond speaks to a group of Lindenwood students Nov. 26. Drummond has been in television for more than 25 years.

Photo by Brett McMillan
KTVI’s Maurice Drummond speaks to a group of students at Lindenwood University Nov. 26. Drummond has been in television for more than 25 years.

A proverbial bullet that is.

Drummond has been on camera for the past 10 years, but produced television for 15 years after graduating from the University of Maryland.

“I think that my job behind the scenes, I almost looked at [it like] being a secret service guy,” Drummond said. “Because when you are behind the scenes as a producer you’re job is to take care of the person in front of the camera.”

As a child Drummond expressed an interest for sports broadcasting. His parents would watch him pretend a pencil was a microphone. His pretending eventually turned into a career.

It started at Black Entertainment Television. He also has worked for ESPN and was with the Golf Channel when it began. Network jobs were not the only stops for Drummond. He also has been with two New York City stations and worked in Washington D.C. as well.

He is now on his second stop in St. Louis.

A little more than halfway into his career Drummond was placed in front of a camera for the first time. After college, he never expected to end up as an on-air talent, but producing prepared him for the field.

“You work in this business, to me, from the inside out,” Drummond said. “You learn how to put together a story, because remember, I’ve been on the air for 10 years. I was behind the scenes for 15. So now, these days, I don’t need a producer.”

Drummond’s ability to perform write, edit and present news has benefited him during his on-air career. It has been especially helpful as he covers high school football.

Most Friday nights during the fall Drummond travels to several area high schools to film games. He has to precisely time every part of his evening to leave time for writing and editing highlights before his live shot at the final school.

Sometimes he is unable to get the best plays from a given game, but he said he has learned to work with what he can. There isn’t time to wait around. The live shot will not wait for him.

“When I first got into this business, I was told that the clock is your enemy,” Drummond said. “It is always ticking. It doesn’t stop.”

Drummond covers professional and major college sports too. During his career he has sat down with Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Hank Aaron and Reggie Jackson, but he enjoys covering athletes from every level.

He said it is passion, not fame, that makes a subject special.

“I think that whether it is preps, or pros or college, I love great stories,” Drummond said. “To me, it is about the people, and it is about the stories.”


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