LUTV Super Semester—Week One

How It Works

Photo by Brett McMillanMel Spears and Alex Ferrario anchor a news cast during the second week of the LUTV super semester.

Photo by Brett McMillan
Mel Spears and Alex Ferrario anchor a news cast during the second week of the LUTV super semester.

The first two weeks of super semester were a great learning experience. I was exceptionally grateful that I’d witnessed other students during super semester in earlier semesters. The chance to learn from them has been really valuable. Without having seen what they went through, this first week would have been even crazier than it was.

There was a lot to take in. All the standard procedures for beginning a college course were there, but super semester adds a slight twist. The work is all laid out at the beginning. There are schedules, but there is some unique flexibility as well. I like being in studio instead of in a class room. Learning through doing is always best.


The first Friday of the super semester I was the producer. It was an action packed day. Going in I knew what to expect. There was going

Photo by Brett McMillanStudents work on iNews before and LUTV newscast.

Photo by Brett McMillan
Students work on iNews before and LUTV newscast.

to be a lot to do. Some of it would be new. Some things would be familiar tasks that needed to be performed on a larger scale. The plan going in was to attempt to head off some of the common problems that I knew gave former groups of super semester students. Having at least some video was also a goal.

We had some video. I was pleased with that.

There were issues that I was unable to trouble shoot early in the day. My hope is that on a Monday or Wednesday, or even a Friday where I don’t have to do other training, those issues would not be as troublesome. Either way, I feel like the next time I produce I’ll be better prepared to tighten some things up. It will not be perfect, but I’m optimistic about what the next go-around will hold.

What Else I Did

I wanted to make sure I was hands on during the second week of class. I was not assigned to produce or anchor so I had lots of valuable flexibility. I spent time planning my first two packages.

Twitter and Facebook were helpful in tracking down sources and gather information on LU Sustainability. By the end of Monday they had returned phone calls and texts about when and where I could meet them.

One day I volunteered to go and film weather. It was nice outside. I drove to a pond and was really excited about the footage I got. There were clips with water, unmelted snow, and some geese swimming as well. Shooting went fine, but when I returned to the studio I could not import the clips to Avid off of the P2 card. That was frustrating, but I recognize that it happens sometimes. I looked at a lot of options, as did a few others in studio and no one could come up with a solution.

I wrote stories everyday too. Beginning that process was good. I feel like I have learned a lot about broadcast newswriting even in these first two weeks.

What I Didn’t Do

I went out and shot some hockey video last weekend to shake off the Christmas break rust. Alex Ferrario (@alex_ferrario) and Killian Walsh (@killianwalsh) were also there. They both did packages on the event. Mel Spears (@shimmerette) also did a nice package on Sell Out for Sterling. I’m looking forward to getting the first package going.


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