LU Sustainability warns against Styrofoam

The LU Sustainability alliance does not have an issue with Lindenwood University students grabbing a bite to go at the Evans Commons cafeteria. What they object to is what they say is an excessive use of Styrofoam to-go boxes.

The University  gives out more than 13,000 Styrofoam boxes each week.

LU Sustainability President, Zac Hafner says one box takes 500 year to break down, and that is the reason his group is passionate.

“We just began plugging into Lindenwood and connecting to students, and trying to make Lindenwood more green,” Hafner said.

Every Friday LU Sustainability sits outside the Commons cafeteria and encourages students to use plates if dinning in.

The group’s LSGA representative, Aaron Kothe, says people’s biggest concern about using plates is based on a false idea.

“It seems like people believe that they get more food when they use Styrofoam, which is not true,” Kothe said. “If you talk to any of the employees of Pfoodman, you don’t actually get more food.”

Pfoodman Service Director, Christy Dolan said Kothe is right. Employees have a standard amount of food they are supposed to serve no matter what container a student choses.

Dolan says Pfoodman does its best to be both economically and environmentally friendly. Ultimately, she says Styrofoam is cheaper than biodegradable containers.


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