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The Digital Divide

The digital divide is a topic of conversation among tech geeks and economist alike. Access to technology is so

Photo by zaccrain

Photo by zaccrain

important in the modern world. Almost everything occurs online. Applying for jobs, paying bills, and scheduling social events happens on the Internet. So if an individual doesn’t have adequate access to the web they can be isolated toward the edges of society.

Some say that efforts to expand technology to the third world is a valiant effort to bring all of humanity to the same level. Others say cyber cafes ruin work ethics across the world, because technology is used for recreation and not self promotion. Both those thoughts are understandable. What good is a tool that isn’t used properly?

However the issue with the latter argument is that people have a choice about how they spend their time. They can choose how to use technology that can be used for frivolous activities or work. Both activities are good and it is up to the user to balance how they use them.

If people, domestic or abroad, do not have the access to technology clearly that is not their fault. It makes sense for others with the resources to try and help them by providing access to technology so they can participate in society. But, if people misuse what they are given only they are accountable.

A computer can be used for finishing homework, or playing games on the Internet all night. The decision of which activity takes precedence falls on the user.