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The Round Up – Week of October 17, 2016

A well deserved win

As has been mentioned before in this space, the function of a TV sports anchor/reporter is not to root. Telling the whole story completely is the only agenda. That being said, we’re human. When someone you cover is long suffering it is hard not to feel for them. UNK football had lost 17 straight games going into their October 15th game versus Central Oklahoma. They finally got a win. It’s the first for head coach Josh Lamberson since taking over before last season. Lamberson is a top-notch human. I’m not allowed to root on the sideline, but I am allowed to be happy for him when time expires.

This man takes an interest in the well being of his athletes. He remembers details about their family, and makes it a priority to care about their lives off the field. They’re people not players to him. If I had a son I’d want him to play for a guy like Lamberson. He waited nearly two full calendar seasons to get his first victory, and week-to-week he fostered an attitude which produced a positive vibe. If anybody has ever deserved a W it’s him.

A Big Red Surprise

Nebraska football is 6-0 for the first time since 2001. Last time they did this I was in fourth grade, and the they were still in the Big 12. Needless to say, a lot has changed.

The question surrounding this team is: are they as good as that record? I’d contend they can only play who is on their schedule. It’s also not their fault Oregon has fallen off the face of the earth since losing in Lincoln.

Nebraska gets in a pre-game stretch before facing Wyoming earlier this season.

A Husker win this week mean 7-0 heading into back-to-back trips to Wisconsin and Ohio State. Even if they lose both they could still potentially be 7-2 and ranked on the top-25 with three winnable games to close out the schedule. To me, we’ll learn who this team really is by how they handle the aftermath of the Badger-Buckeye trips. If they lose can they gather themselves to finish 10-2? If they win can they avoid getting upset by Maryland, Minnesota, and Iowa? Big Red is worthy of what it’s earned so far. Whether or not they keep that prestige comes down to what they do in the final five games.

Of course, they need to beat Purdue too. If they lose to the interim coached Boilermakers at home it’s a whole different discussion.

Something encouraging

Sometimes I keep Bible verses in my pocket. When I take them out every night they remind me to keep focused on the right things. Right now, Isaiah 61:1-3 is on my sheet. Reading it everyday reminds me what I’m really living for. One passage says the Lord “binds up the broken hearted.” There is so much pain in the world today. It’s important people hear the message that no matter where they’re at, or what their circumstances are, there’s hope. You’re loved by the God who created you. He’ll hold you together when you’re falling apart.