About This Blog

Welcome to my blog. Glad you found your way here.

This isn’t my portfolio site. Rather, it’s an informal space where I archive my journey as a T.V. sports anchor/reporter. For example, the baby faced kid in the photo to the right is me during my junior year of college. I know, I know, I didn’t look a day over sixteen.

In addition to memorializing baby face Brett, this space allows me to write for fun when I’m not at work.

Photo by Jill Falk Courtesy of lutvonline Instagram Brett wraps around a package for LUTV news in February 2013.

Photo by Jill Falk
Brett wraps around a package for LUTV news in February 2013.

If you’re looking for my current professional home please check out, brettmcmillan.com. My demo reel and resume are most easily viewed there.

Before I set you loose to explore, I wouldn’t be a 21st century journalist without reminding you that this blog and my website represent my opinions alone.

Thanks again for visiting,

Brett A. McMillan

  1. Allison Brown

    Thank you for your great work at the Grizzlies games. Love your interviews. Many friends of mine who also follow the Grizzlies have echoed the comment… you make the people you interview seem so at ease, and you get them to reveal a different side of themselves. Good work! You and Adam Young are a great team.

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