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The Round Up – Week of September 30, 2016

Football Fridays

Sutton visits Doniphan-Trumbull for the opening week of the 2016 Nebraska high school football season.

It’s been a fun high school football season. Like, REALLY fun. Every year my love for Friday night lights grows. My high school didn’t have football until my senior year. Even then it was just J.V., so I didn’t really develop an appreciation for the high school game until I got to college. My alma mater, Lindenwood University, did tons of radio and T.V. coverage of the St. Louis high school scene. As a student broadcaster at LU my eyes were opened to just how cool high school football is. My love for the game has accelerated in Nebraska. There is unbelievable energy when an entire town shows up for a football game. This state is famous for its college team, but the high school climate here is one of America’s hidden sports gems.

The Nebraska State Fair

At the beginning of the month I shot some volleyball at the Nebraska State Fair. It was only the second time I’ve ever been to a state fair. The first time was last summer when I went out for an NTV promotional event. Growing up in St. Louis, Mo. we never really thought about the Missouri state fair in Sedalia. That seemed like a world away from my suburban existence. Discovering the Americana at Nebraska’s fair has been a treat. There are monkeys riding dogs like little horses, carnival rides, and performers all over the place. Here in Nebraska they do a great job of bringing in some quality concerts too. I mean we’re talking Grammy Award winners. The whole thing is fun.

Speaking of the Fair…

The Roadhouse burger is a favorite from Cactus Jack’s at the Nebraska State Fair.

This bad boy was lunch on Saturday. Yes, it’s as good as it works. The Nebraska State Fair has every greasy and deep fried food item you could possibly think of. It’s your arteries’ worst nightmare. One of the most famous vendors is named Cactus Jack’s. They specialize in bar-b-que, burgers, and nachos. Saturday I had the Roadhouse burger. It’s topped with gorgonzola cheese, bacon, onion straws, and blue cheese mayo. Yeah, blue cheese mayo. If there were a rewind button on life I’d have eaten it twice.