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An Open Letter to NTV Viewers

Central Nebraskans and NTV viewers everywhere:

A little over two years ago I pulled a UHaul out of my parents driveway in O’Fallon, Mo. My then fiancé and I both knew we might never live in St. Louis again.

Even when you’ve spent months making your peace with it that’s a hard reality as a 20-something.

It’s one of the toughest parts of this business. Telling sports stories is an incredible thrill and an awesome privilege. But the price is high. You go where you’re invited.

So I left my soon to be wife teary eyed in my parents driveway. Wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. Dropping my parents at the Lincoln airport later that weekend wasn’t much easier. It was a lonely walk back to the car.

On the other end of those goodbyes my life as an NTV sportscaster began. Five months after I arrived in Kearney Emiley and I got married, and she followed me on the Platte.

Since then we’ve grown. In fact, we’ve grown a lot. Some times through hurt — other times through jubilee. Always for the better.

Throughout I’ve had Nebraska as my creative playground. You’ve let me take you a lot of places. The stories will stay with me forever. It’s been the time of my professional life finding out what makes you tick. 

Still, Emiley and I wondered what was next, and of course, would we ever make it home?

Last Friday the answer came. Home called.

The Cardinals are to St. Louis what the Huskers are to Nebraska. For me their stories are the top of the mountain. Emiley and I have been invited to the summit.

Next month I’m joining my hometown Cardinals as an in-house multimedia storyteller — contributing content to their cable T.V. and online platforms.

The English language doesn’t have an adequate word to describe my excitement. The Lord has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. However, another emotion had crept in too.

I’m going to miss you.

I came here to chronicle your history. In turn, you ended up shaping mine.

Thanks for inviting me in and opening up. You challenged me, surprised me, and most importantly made me look at the world from a different perspective. I’m better for it.

The saying really is true. On gameday “there’s no place like Nebraska.”

Thank you,

Brett McMillan